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    I had my lower back fused on 31 Dec 2021 by Dr, Arthur Conley. After my hospitalization he coordinated for home health care with EnTrust. Over a couple of weeks I had nurses Christeena Lewis and Chastity Horton, and Physical Therapists Josh Evans and Steven Wesnidge help take care of me. I can't say enough good things about all of them. As a group they were well-informed and very competent. They were also personable and you could tell they cared strongly about what they were doing. Early in recovery I had an issue with some potential internal bleeding in my digestive system that caused some concern. That was handled perfectly. I'm somewhat of an amateur student of medicine after 66 years and 24 surgeries. I know medical pros when I see them. Never did any of them dismiss my questions or observations about symptoms or care. I would recommend your company to anyone needing home care, and especially the four people who came to my house. It's nice to deal with professionals who don't conduct themselves with any arrogance or I'm the one who knows best just do as I tell you. I often tell people I believe there are 3 things one can do for society. One is to be in the military, police, or fire departments. The second is anyone who help raise decent children, and third is anyone in medicine. I also like to quote the Bible where it says there is no greater love than he who gives his life for another. I think that describes these four people perfectly. You are very fortunate to have them in EnTrust and I was fortunate to have them care for me.

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